3 Tips for Decorating Your Apartment the Way You Want To

Apartment Decorating Ideas for you

It seems as if there are so many rules out there when it comes to design. There are rules about which colors will make a space bigger. There are rules about the number of items used to create a display. There are so many, many rules. However, any rule can be broken. One of the best tips for decorating your apartment is to trust you own instincts, even if … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Cool Thursdays Concert Series at Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum Cool Thursday Concert Series

The Dallas Arboretum is one of the favorite spots for residents at our apartments. There is truly something here for everyone. The kids can learn a bit of science while at an event where they feel like they are playing. Adults can enjoy horticulture classes and live music. This fall, make a point to plan a date with friends, or with someone special, … [Read more...]

The Frisco Bar is a Great Place to Watch Your Favorite Football Team

The Frisco Bar

It is fall, which means it is football season. There is a chill outside, the smell of burgers is in the air and when the first whistle blows, you know it is time to party. When deciding where to watch the game near our apartments, consider a local favorite. The Frisco Bar is one of the best sports bars in the Metroplex. The Frisco Bar was designed to … [Read more...]

Get Your Apartment Ready for The Fall With These 3 Tips

PAL Decorating your apartment for fall

Fall is a great time to redecorate your apartment. Changing the linens, curtains, art and place settings can make the space feel more cozy. This weekend, consider implementing one of these tips for getting your apartment ready for fall.  While summer may have been about blue and white, fall is all about deep amber, rusty red, purples and gold tones. … [Read more...]

Lincoln Management Has Great Apartments in Plano

Parkside at Legacy

When choosing an apartment, there are several factors to consider. You want to have a place which will be clean, safe and most importantly, feel like home. Consider everything which an apartment has to offer such as location, space and amenities. If you are looking for a home this fall, consider our great Lincoln Management apartments in Plano. In real … [Read more...]

Top Sandwich Shops in Plano

Best Sandwich Places in Plano

There is nothing that can beat a good sandwich at lunchtime. The perfect one will have the right bread, be piled high with your favorite fillings and will be just big enough to get you through the day without making you want to take a nap on your lunch break. When living at our apartments, check out these top sandwich shops in Plano. At Cedars … [Read more...]

Make Your Living Room Look Better With These 5 Tips

Decor tips to make your living room look better

Every once in a while it is nice to spruce up the rooms in your apartment.Try out one of these apartment decorating tips this weekend to make a change in your living room. Clear the Clutter: Toss anything broken, anything which you have not used in six months or more, or anything with bad memories. Cleaning out the room, almost immediately make it … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Remembering to Pay Your Rent On Time

How to remember to pay the rent

With everything you have to take care of in a day, paying rent may be the last thing on your mind. Take advantage of all the small ways that you can remind yourself and paying your rent on time will be a breeze! Set up an automatic payment with your bank. You know that rent will be the same every month. Set up a payment schedule with your bank so that … [Read more...]

Rent a Washer and Dryer for Your Apartment

Renting a washer and dryer for your apartment

If you have ever had to go out to do laundry, you know what a hassle it can be. Having to wait for a washer, waiting there so no one takes your clothes out of the washer, and wondering just what the washer was used for before you, can be stressful. There is a simple luxury in having your own washer and dryer which cannot be beat. At our apartments, consider … [Read more...]

Have a Fresh Meal at Cafe Express

Cafe Express

One fun thing about moving to a new area, is trying local food. There are many top chefs who call Texas their home. From steak dinners to succulent seafood, the option for food near our apartments is endless. This fall, make a healthy choice when you stop in for lunch at Cafe Express. One of our favorite Plano restaurants, the menu at Cafe Express, … [Read more...]