Find Delicious and Healthy Food at Simply Fit Meals in Plano

Walk Over to Main Street Bistro for Brunch This Weekend

The trick to getting in shape is exercise and diet. Many of us are able to conquer one or the other, but having both in balance is not as easy. If you have been taking advantage of the fitness center at our Plano apartments you are on the right track. Sometimes it is easiest to have what you need close at hand. As far as meals go, make it easier for you at … [Read more...]

The Built-In Bookshelves in Our Apartment Homes Provide Plenty of Extra Storage

Need a Book? Visit Friends of Plano Library Book Sale

In any home, storage is an issue. You need a place to get things up off the floor and neatly organized in order to remove clutter and maximize the flow of the home. At our apartments in Plano, the built in bookshelves provide the extra storage you need. Bookshelves are pretty basic furniture items. You can however dress these up to make them a part of … [Read more...]

How to Properly to Clean Your Mattress

Cleaning a Mattress

When cleaning our apartments, one of the tasks you may do weekly is to clean your sheets. However, have you ever thought about the cleanliness of your mattress? This piece of furniture is susceptible to dust mites, sweat and nightly wear and tear. This month, when you strip the bed to wash the sheets, take a moment to properly clean your … [Read more...]

Our Apartment Loft Areas Provide Plenty of Extra Space

Parkside at Legacy

No matter how big a home you have, it is always a bonus to have extra space. At our Plano apartments to rent, the loft spaces may be just the thing you have been looking for. Whether you use them as a reading nook, guest room or home office, these spaces can enhance your home. For those who work at home, a loft is the perfect place to perch from 9-5. … [Read more...]

Sit Down for an Italian Meal at Coal Vines in The Shops at Legacy

Romantic Spots to snag Dinner in Plano

After a long week or when meeting with a friend that you have not seen in a while, could there be any better spot to gather than a wonderful Italian restaurant? The smell of the tomatoes and garlic, paired with an upscale, but relaxing atmosphere make for the perfect setting for a great night. This weekend, when you are looking for a place for dinner at our … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Apartment With Leftover Wine Bottles

Decorate Your Apartment With Leftover Wine Bottles

Wine is not just good for having on hand when hosting friends. Left over bottles are perfect for DIY projects. When wondering how to decorate your apartment, use things that remind you of good times with friends. Up-cycle wine bottles into beautiful accessories for your home this weekend. Pendant lights work well in the kitchen, living room or … [Read more...]

Find a Sweet Treat at Bake Rejoice in Downtown Plano

Have a Satisfying Brunch at Main Street Bistro & Bakery

When spending the day downtown Plano shopping, you should take a time out for a sweet treat. The sugar may help get you through your chores and could be a well deserved tidbit at the end of a hard week. When you are in the mood for something sweet, stop in at Bake Rejoice.  Started in 2008 by Joyce Shepherd, Bake Rejoice is a local spot for coffee, … [Read more...]

How to Live With a Bigger Dog in an Apartment

Pet Care Tips

Many people may think that big dogs should not be living in apartments. However, at our Plano pet friendly apartments there is plenty of room for you and your four legged family member. With these tips in mind, you and Fido can live comfortably. Find the right apartment. Look for a place that is pet friendly. Not only does this mean that they accept … [Read more...]

How to Properly Organize Your Apartment Bookshelves

Parkside at Legacy

The bookshelves at our apartments, add a lot of helpful space. However, without proper care, they can become a catch all for your things and start to look a bit cluttered. Clear the clutter from your home and keep the bookshelves looking stylish with these tips for how to organize your apartment.  Keep the bookshelves simple by choosing a theme. A … [Read more...]

Watch Independent Films at Angelika Film Center in Plano

Watch Independent Films at Angelika Film Center in Plano

There are many places to see movies in Plano, however, there are only a few which will offer you a movie going experience. Most theaters show the latest main stream releases. This is great if you are simply looking for the latest summer blockbuster. If you want to see movies that will make you think, that take a new view of things, make a date to see an … [Read more...]